Pee & Poo Duo Large Plush Set

The cuddly toys Pee&Poo are made in a cotton plush and filled with polyester fiber. Naturally, they are CE-marked and are suitable for children of all ages. Pee&Poo are 6 and 5.5 inches respectively.

Pee&Poo marry equal parts of aesthetic and educational elements, and has thus become a success among children an adults alike. Pee&Poo works just as well as potty training inspiration, as a cuddly companion.

Pee&Poo are no strangers to water and enjoy a bath once in while - washable in warm water at 100°F.

The Pee&Poo duo was designed by Emma Megitt in late 2004, in Stockholm, Sweden.


Pee&Poo comes packaged in a plastic pouch.



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Pee & Poo Duo Large Plush Set

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